Our Business

We continue with our creation of devices to preserve the security and safety of society.

In order to protect precious lives and property from fires that should never occur and to reduce damage to a minimum, the installation of suitable highly reliable fire safety equipment for each building and area as well as the provision of a timely response service is absolutely essential. Each of the corporations of Nittan group that engage in research and development, manufacturing, sales, equipment design and construction and maintenance, share the common objectives of “providing customers with better security to resolve fire prevention issues” and to engage in a continual cooperative effort to prevent the occurrence of unforeseen events.

Research & Development

To undertake challenging new technology and product development while striving for the evolution of security and safety at all times.

Fire alarm equipment

High reliability is required in automatic alarms that instantaneously detect, notify and sound the alarm at the outbreak of any fire. We continue to develop sensing technology using the infrared and ultra-violet wavelengths, and commercialize these sensors and related devices. We also develop and market comprehensive fire prevention systems and make a continuous effort to minimize damage caused by fire.

Fire extinguishing equipment

The types and scale of fires that can be anticipated varies depending on many different factors: such as the structure of the environment, the size, as well as the utility and purpose of the building. We perform product design based on the latest fire extinguishing technologies that may use water, foam or gas, in order to ensure that a fire is extinguished regardless of where it occurs. We continuously strive to develop, modify and improve fire extinguishing equipment and systems.


Delivery of the necessary products is ensured by the latest enterprise system.

In order to ensure that the required products are delivered on time, our production planning, manufacturing, purchase and inventory management are performed using the latest enterprise system. A wide range of responsive actions that encompass product design, support for sales offices, adjustments and troubleshooting on site are provided. Furthermore, product quality for special order productions is supported in collaboration with corporate sales organizations.


Proposal of the most suitable products and systems are drawn up based on a substantial amount of knowledge and experience.

An accurate understanding of the issues of each individual customer, including the sturctural environment and objects that must be protected, is gained not only from product knowledge but also from the wealth of knowledge and experience of the design and construction of equipment. The most suitable fire prevention products and systems are always proposed to deliver the greatest security.

Equipment design

Sophisticated engineering techniques are used to design and produce the most efficient and capable fire prevention equipment.

Automatic fire alarm equipment and sprinkler fire extinguishing equipment must be installed according to the Fire Defense Laws. Building construction knowledge is also required to reap the full benefits of the functions provided by the products. The highly reliable equipment design is supported by sophisticated engineering capabilities.


We cater for the needs of the latest construction as well as for renovations and can provide solutions for each particular facility.

Our fire prevention systems are suitable for all Facilities. We provide proposals for renovated structures to suit a customers requirements. We are not merely concerned with the simple recovery of functions, but also with compatibility with administrative and legal standards. We are also concerned with energy conservation, the automation of maintenance work, improvements in visibility as well as operation and the economical use of space.


Maintenance services are provided to ensure continuity of function.

Not only is inspection work performed, as stipulated by the Fire Defense Laws to ensure the proper functioning of fire prevention facilities in the unlikely event of fire, but the support center is also available around the clock to deal with any problem or malfunction of the system, as well as to provide a detailed maintenance service. Provision can also be made for the appropriate upgrade of fire prevention equipment, or installation of the latest fire prevention system to satisfy any changes in the intended use of a building.