President Message

“Toward the future beyond the practice of Nittan corporate philosophy”

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“To protect our customers’ lives and property from fire”:
 Since founded in 1954, we, Nittan Co., Ltd., have embraced the above corporate philosophy as our mission and strived every day for its practice and realization. 

 The future we aim through the practice of our corporate philosophy is “to free the society from the uncertainty of disaster.” Disaster refers not just to fire alone but also includes earthquakes, tsunami, torrential downpours, and other natural disasters. The current global pandemic could also be described as a type of disaster. Besides, the aging of Japanese society and depopulation due to low birth rates have led to an increase in the number of people who are vulnerable to disasters. As a result, there is a pressing need to maintain and improve economic activity.

 For ground support of such social threats, issues, and economics, what could we, and should we, contribute as a manufacturer of safety and security equipment?
 The answer is expressed in our desire to remain as a company that continues growing and evolving to achieve an ideal society in our aimed future. At the same time, keep the rigorous practice of Nittan’s unchangeable corporate philosophy.