Quality & Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

Corporate Engineering and Production Headquarters

  • Fulfilling the requirements of the customer, the laws, and regulations
  • Meeting customer expectations, and making products with quality always being top priority
  • Aim for product delivery to the customer within a short lead-time and without delay
  • Conform to ISO9001 standard requirements, and establish quality systems

Corporate Disaster Prevention Engineering Department

  • Designing and building highly reliable disaster prevention systems that meet customer expectations
  • Building and maintaining quality systems in conformance with ISO9001:2008
  • Devoted to maintenance and improvement of quality systems as a company trusted by its community.

ISO9001 Certification Status

Enviromental Policy

Our Mission

The NITTAN Group of Companies recognizes that its corporate enterprises constituting the design, manufacture, distribution, installation, and maintenance of disaster prevention and crime prevention equipment contribute closely and positively to global environmental issues, and thus shall engage through its corporate enterprises in global environmental issues, commit to reducing the load on the environment through all operating activities, and contribute positively to society.

Our Guidelines

  • In order to fulfill our environmental mission and to drive activities that preserve our environment, we shall build an environmental management system. This system shall be periodically reviewed, and upgraded through continual improvement.
  • We shall precisely assess the impact that our operating activities impose on the environment, recognize how the promotion of resource conservation and environmentally friendly product development can reduce the load on the global environment, establish environmental objectives and targets to the extent technically and economically possible, and promote environmental preservation activities.
  • We shall periodically review our environmental objectives and targets.
  • We shall safeguard against contamination.
  • We shall comply with associated environmental laws and regulations, and other requirements we consent to.
  • The environmental policy shall be documented, acted upon, and maintained. The policy shall be thoroughly disseminated among those working in and for the organization in a commitment to enhancing individual awareness towards the environment. This environmental policy shall be openly disclosed.

ISO 14001 Certification Status