CPC-4 / 0KB3

System Overview

This system is composed of a CPC-4 controller and one or more (20 max.) 0KB3 photoelectric smoke detectors that provide high sensitivity smoke detection for use inside tight enclosures such as large-scale computers, semiconductor tools or any tight electrical spaces requiring high sensitivity smoke detection. 

Main features

  •  Compact design allows installation in limited spaces in a variety of applications.
  • High sensitivity and high air flow resistance (Effective up to 8m/s).
  • Generate a voted "AND" Fire Alarm (two detectors simultaneous activation) or a “SINGLE” Fire Alarm (one detector activation).
  • Operating temperature up to 60 degree C.
  • Automatic sensitivity compensation ensures smoke detection performance against dust accumulation.

System Configration and Specifications

Model name0KB3
Rated VoltageDC19V between L-C
DC12V between P-C
Rated CurrentBetween L-C: 5mA, Between P-C: 100mA
Current ConsumptionStandby: 50μA, Alarm: 5mA
Detection MethodLight Scattering Type
Sensitivity4% / m Obscuration (Equivalent to class 1 or more in Japan Fire Service Law)
Applicable ReceiverCPC series
Other featuresAuto Sensitivity Compensation Function, RoHS compliant, KC mark certified
Applicable Temperature-10℃~+60℃
Mass55g (Body: 38.5g, Base: 16.5g)
Model nameCPC-4CPC-4-24CPC-4ACPC-4A-24
Detector Address DisplayNo detector address displayedDetector address displayed
Rated VoltageAC100~240V
Rated CurrentStandby1.4VA(AC100V)
Detector Power VoltageDC19V
External Wiring Resistance20Ω or less (between Control Panel and distal Smoke Detector)
End of Line Resistor7.5kΩ,1/4WNot necessary
Connectable model0KB3, 0KB(old model), 0IB(old model)0KB3 *Old models are not applicable
Max. No. of Detector20 units max
Alarm soundBuzzer
Relay Contact Point
(Non-Voltage C Contact)
Fault, Fire Alarm, Detector Operated
Contact Point Ratings: DC30V, 1A / AC 125V, 0.3A (resistance load)
Trouble AlarmShort Circuit, Cable Break, Detector drop-offShort Circuit, Cable Break
Detector drop-off(Detector address display),
Periodic self-diagnosis abnormality
(detector address display)
Other featuresRoHS compliant, ETL approved(UL STD 61010-1), KC mark/EMC certified(CPC-4-24 only)
Applicable Temperature Range0℃~+60℃
MaterialAlminum: Processed to Almite, Steel: Processed to Trivalent Chrome
MassApprox. 570gApproox. 580g

Installation Example

Example1 (Various production equipment, large control panels, etc.)

  • Embed both the 0KB3 and the CPC-4 in the machinery that protect from a fire, the fire signal and failure signal are transferred and output to the outside.
  • If there is a fan in the machinery, sensors should be installed near the exhaust fan.
  • If higher reliability is required, embed two units and possible to generate fire alarm by “AND” signal

Photo embedded in the panel
(a sensor only)

Example2 (Multiple rows of control panels, meta-clad panels, etc.)

  • One or two sensors will be embedded on each board, and the receiver will be installed at the disaster management center.
  • By using a receiver (CPC-4A) with a sensor address display function, the position of the board that detected an abnormality can be found on the receiver.
  • By using the transfer terminal equipped on each sensor, it is possible to activate patlite, relays, etc. for each sensor.
    (Separate power supply is required)

Example3 (Exhaust duct)

  • A sampling box is installed in the middle of the exhaust heat duct of the production equipment to monitor the smoke contained in the exhaust.
  • Embed a detector at a place that will surely be an air passage with considering the air flow,
  • Recommend embedding two or more sensors.

Example of Application


  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment maker
  • Semiconductor device maker
  • Electronic measuring instrument manufacturer
  • Automated test equipment manufacturers
  • Generator manufacturers
  • Information Communication System maker
  • U.S. aircraft manufacturer


  • IC checker cabinet
  • IC tester cabinet
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment cabinet
  • Auto production line cabinet
  • Computer, PBX(Private Branch eXchange)
  • Rest room in aircraft
  • EV Charging Station
  • etc.

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