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Website Usage Conditions

Nittan Co., Ltd. (described as “Nittan” here) and its agents operate this website. Usage of the website constitutes your consent to the following usage conditions.

Notice on No Assumption of Liability

  • Nittan exercises scrupulous precaution in all respects for the information published on this website. Nonetheless, the information is not assured to be accurate, valid, certain, or suited for the purpose of any user. Nittan assumes no responsibility for any hindrances that arise as a result of usage of this website.
  • Nittan may change the information on this website without notice. Be advised in advance that the operation of the website may be interrupted or halted. Regardless of the reason, Nittan assumes no responsibility for any hindrances arising out of any change of information or any interruption or halting of website operations.


  • Content published on this website (text, images, video, audio, etc.) is protected by the Copyright Law, and other statutes and international treaties.
  • Excluding purposes of personal usage and other lawfully permitted cases, you may not duplicate, transfer, or repurpose any content without the permission of Nittan.


  • The rights associated with the respective trademarks, logo marks, and trade names published on this website belong to Nittan or the owners of the respective rights.
  • Unless permitted by the Trademark Law or other statutes, any act, such as usage without obtaining the permission of NIttan or the owners of the respective rights, is prohibited.


  • If you wish to link to this website, you consent to the following precautions. In addition, use the inquiry form of this website under “Other Inquiries,” provide a description and the URL of the originating Web page, enter the name, address, and contact information for the administrator, and advise Nittan in advance.
    • Acknowledge in advance that Nittan assumes no responsibility for any damages arising from linking to this website.
    • As a general rule, the link destination shall be set to the top (home) page of Nittan (http://www.nittan.com/). Acknowledge in advance that the website address, published content, and information related to products may change or be deleted without notice.
    • Linking in the following manner is prohibited.
      • - Links that use all or portions of any logo or image (including product or non-product illustrations, images of people) published on this website.
      • - Using frames with the link and linking to make the published information on this website to appear like part of the page originating the link.
    • Linking from the following websites is prohibited.
      • - Linking from websites that slander or defame Nittan, its officers, or its employees.
      • - Linking from websites that impair the trust and dignity of Nittan.
      • - Linking from websites that oppose public order and morals.
      • - Linking that falsely recognizes an alliance or cooperative relationship between Nittan and another entity to appear to exist, or falsely recognizes Nittan to be aware or supportive of the website with the originating link.
    • Nittan will not issue any notices unless a particular problem exists. If Nittan deems the situation to be in violation of the aforesaid precautions or to be inappropriate, Nittan may request corrections to the displayed settings or refuse the link settings. Please acknowledge this in advance.

Linking Websites

  • A link to this website does not guarantee the content of the site with such a link. Moreover, non-Nittan websites with links placed on this websites are under control and operations at the responsibility of such companies and individuals, and not under the control of Nittan. Please use the respectively linked websites according to the usage conditions posted by such sites.

Prohibited Items

  • The following acts are prohibited in connection with the usage of this website.
    • Invasive acts or potentially invasive acts with respect to the property or privacy of third parties or Nittan.
    • Acts detrimental or damaging or potentially detrimental or damaging to third parties or Nittan.
    • Acts conflicting or potentially conflicting with public order and morals.
    • Acts that lead or potentially lead to criminally activity.
    • Registration an email address of another person, false reporting, or false filing.
    • Sales activities or acts intended for commercial gain, or acts for the purpose of preparing for such.
    • Acts that harm the honor or trust of third parties or Nittan.
    • Usage or furnishing of harmful programs like computer viruses, or acts that threaten such activity.
    • Any other acts in violation of laws, statutes, or ordinances, or acts that potentially could cause such violations.
    • Any other acts Nittan deems to be inappropriate.

Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

  • Unless set forth otherwise, the interpretation and application of using this website and the usage conditions shall comply with the laws of Japan. All disputes concerning usage of this website, unless set forth otherwise, shall assign Tokyo District Court as the exclusive court of jurisdiction for the first hearing.