FLS-02EC-H2 Explosion-proof Smoke Detector

The FLS-02EC-H2 is a reliable Explosion-Proof Smoke
Detector certificated with FM / IECEx / ATEX approval.
The FLS-02EC-H2 has division and zone explosion-proof
ratings and suitable in a hazardous area and
also tolerates hydrogen explosion.

■ Features
• 6-wire type of operation
• 24VDC operation
• Accurate fire detection
• Intelligent photoelectric chamber
• Easy installation
• Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
Distributed Control System (DCS), integration with
relay outputs
• Complete peace of mind

■ Applications
• Chemical plants
• Combustible storage facilities
• Munitions facility
• Volatile chemical storage
• Petroleum refineries
• Battery rooms
• Aerospace facility
• Offshore and onshore
• Engine rooms