1PV0 Series Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel, 10-160 zones

• Large indicators and switches for easy operation
• Digital display with 7 segments LEDs for identifying the alarm zone and detailed trouble
• 6 LED indicators for Other Alarms
• Panel buzzer beeps in sweep tone for making it easier to hear
Available with End-of-line Resistors of 10 kΩ, 20 kΩ and CRE
• Durable LED zone indicators
• Maintenance switch for all alarm silence
• Alarm delay ON/OFF switch
• Plug-in type terminals
• Auto reset switch used during a fire test and system check
• Cursor switches on the panel for configuration at the installation site
• Regular test feature: Performed per week on Zone circuits, Other Alarm circuits, Standby battery and Memory
• Manual test features: System test, Fire test, Delay time measurement test, Battery test
• Alarm delay feature (Verification feature)
• Event history logs store up to 1000 of alarm events and operation histories
• Zone isolation feature for partial operation and maintenance work
False operation prevention feature
• Monitors open circuits, short circuits and ground faults on external circuits
• Lightning protection circuit for external lines
• Standby Battery (Ni-Cd 24 VDC, sealed type)
• Pair of Telephone handset for maintenance work
• Available in 10 to 160 zone models
• 1GPV0 is a Gas leakage alarm model
• Supports Built-in emergency telephone system
• Supports special order specifications:

E.g. Panel color and size, Power supply capacity, Number of connectable telephones, Expansion relays, Auxiliary indicators and switches, Multiple annunciators, etc.


Datasheet (279B)