2PD2-3L Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel, 3 zones

■ Description
The 2PD2-3L is a conventional fi re alarm panel with a stylish wall-mount design supplied in 3 zone format.
All detector circuits will be indicated with lighting red LEDs in alarm conditions and flashing in open-circuit fault conditions.
The panel has an alarm delay function on detector circuits to reduce false alarms, including a delay ON/OFF function.
The 2PD2-3L utilizes the latest technology to achieve a compact, sophisticated and highly reliable product.
This panel is suitable for a wide range of environmental risks in industrial and commercial applications. E.g. Shops, offices, warehouses, guest houses, postoffices, mobile phone stations, etc.
The 2PD2-3L is equipped with surge absorbers on the primary side of the transformer to protect its circuit from the lightning and electrical surge.

■ Features
• Alarm delay function
- Heat Detector : 20 sec.
- Smoke Detector : 60 sec.
• Alarm delay ON/OFF switch function
• Supervision of circuit voltage and detector line open-circuit conditions
• Energy saving technology for saving running costs
• Extra compact and slim design
• Light body using fl ame retardant ACS resin
• High reliability minimizes maintenance costs
• Equipped with surge absorbers
• 1 output for zone alarm bells
• 1 output for common fi re alarm signal transfer
to an external facility
• 3 open-collector outputs for indications of a remote annunciator
• Easy wiring by Push-in terminals’ one-touch connection