1PM3 Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel, 10-40 zones

・ 10 to 40 zone model variation
・ Stylish wall-mount design
・ High reliable model with durable components, LED indicators and CPU
・ 10 to 20 circuit alarm bell zone(depends on the model)
・ Alarm delay function
・ Alarm delay ON/OFF switch
・ Trouble monitoring function
・ CPU trouble back-up function
・ Panel buzzer re-sounding function
・ Lightning surge protection
・ A function of interrupting zone alarm to prioritize emergency announcement
・ Three other alarm indicators for indicating inputs from building facilities
・ CPU trouble back-up function
・ Capability of transmitting the second fire signal
・ Signal transmitting to Emergency PA facility
・ Easy wiring by Plug-in type terminals one-touch connection
・ Color universal design for people with color vision deficiency